Getting there

Travel by Air
Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is the main international airport of the Helsinki metropolitan region.

Onward journey to Helsinki City Centre
There are several ways to transfer from the airport to Helsinki City Centre.


  • P train (Helsinki – Myyrmäki – Airport  – Tikkurila – Helsinki
  • I train (Helsinki – Tikkurila – Airport – Myyrmäki – Helsinki)
  • At the Helsinki Central Railway Station,  I trains mainly leave from tracks 1-3, and P trains from tracks 16-18.

Tickets cost 280 SEK circa €30 each way.


HSL bus 615 or 620 (depending on your time schedule ) is easy and affordable. The trip to central railway station costs 5€ and takes some 33-43 mins. The bus runs every 30 minutes between 05:00 and  and 03:55. (From city to airport, first departure is 04:10 and last 03:10.) It leaves from T1 (platform 2) and stops at T2 (platform 21) too.

The fare covers transfer to other HSL services – buses, trams, metro – within 80 mins.

For more information check the bus 620 timetable:… or alternative… or the HSL Journey Planner:

Flight journey lengths:

• 2 hours 50 minutes from Paris
• 2 hours 50 minutes from London
• 8 hours from New York

Further flight information please visit:

Travel by Public Transport
Public transport is relatively inexpensive and useful for negotiating the city’s islands and historical sites. The fastest way to get around is by metro, which covers most of the city.