Helsinki City

Helsinki is Finland’s capital city and the centre of its culture, media and business.

The archipelago of Helsinki consists of 330 islands and is officially 2/3 Baltic Sea and 1/3 land mass.

The city is famous for design and world-renowned modern design heritage can be seen everywhere in the city. Famous brand like Marimekko, Littala, Artek and Arabia are a part of everyday life.

The city is covered in green areas with lots of possibilities to enjoy outdoor activities and relaxation. The large Central Park and its forest spread just beyond the city centre which is compact and easily explored on foot.

Helsinki has a thriving blasting industry which we will be taking full advantage of during the conference programme.

Helsinki is the first city in the world to have an underground general plan and a lot of essential infrastructure is built underground in order to reduce traffic and free space for more important use at the surface.

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